Hello and thank you for visiting my site!

I'm Elena, the founder of this website and i'm RawVegan Chef. I would love to encourage and inspire other people by sharing my creations and my beloved work here, and i hope this will be appreciated!

The Raw Food is not only a diet,its a life style!

It's about health ...it's about life ...it's about having the courage to be different and say NO to all the bad things in our life! Eating more raw food is a process.It is a process that requires change at every level - mental, physical and emotional. Most of all, it is an educational process, one that requires commitment, compassion and patience -- for yourself.

The reality is shocking and painful...the world is full of sick people,the food is full of chemicals all over the world...and people are dying prematurely. So...it's never to late for a good change in your life! Please read the etiquetes when you buy food ! Please try to love yourself more and to care more about how long your existence will be on this earth...

I became vegan,5 years ago ...when i was suffering from cancer at a very young age. I was eating badly ,working a lot and didn"t care much about my health. I found out about cancer and in that moment i decided to change my life .

The Raw Food has massively improved my life and became a passion for me! So here i am today,i enjoy being vegan and i"m now in perfect health ! Pleasure is important and fundamental to staying motivated and inspired. I eat Raw food because it tastes better and it's the best food ever!  It's fresh and alive and that's exactly how I feel when I eat it!

 We can nurture healthy lives and we can cure diseases through nutrition! I did that...and i am doing this every blessing day !

There are so many benefits of eating Raw. The Raw food diet has helped many people find health when nothing else did. It can help anyone who wants healthy levels of blood cholesterol, healthy blood sugar levels, pain-free joints, clear glowing skin and shiny hair, reduced or eliminated cellulite, rapid elimination of excess weight, a permanent boost to your immune system, amazingly restful sleep, having unbelievable energy, increasing your mental focus, being in a happy and feel-good mood all the time, improving your relationships, and more. By eating Raw foods, you can slow down aging so you start to look and feel younger! You will look and feel your best! So if you are sick, if you are tired more often than not, if you are carrying too much fat, or if you want to feel better, this could help you when nothing else has!

 Well, that's why I'm here. I'm here to share this information with you.I am just happy to share my findings,ideas and research from my work with you and i hope we can"cook" together :)!

 We can also share opinions and we can try to create a better and healthier world together...with each other !


Elena E.



  • Raw Vegan Chocolate
    The fine raw chocolate,exclusive hand made! Best chocolate ever !

  • Raw Macaroons chocolate spread,with cashew vanilla cream

  • Raw healthy tortillas